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Skin is our body’s largest organ, ideal for transporting functional ingredients, adding comfort, care and well-being to the body.


Cannabidiol (CBD) is extracted from hemp, a non-psychoactive type of cannabis*

Today’s stressful and agitated life makes it difficult for some to relax and get a reinvigorating night’s sleep. In fact, millions of people suffer from insomnia or at least insufficient sleep.

Scientific and clinical studies have shown that CBD may be beneficial for many conditions, such as sleep disorders, anxiety and chronic pain, through its calming and relaxing properties.

We present to you bedding and sleepwear with CBD treatment. Clinical trials show that, when in contact with CBD treated textiles, skin penetration of CBD occurs.

CBD’s effect will contribute to a smooth and tranquil night.

*CBD treatment is free of THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol – psychoactive properties


Q10 + Care Rejuvenates your skin

Coenzyme Q10 is essential for the production of energy in the cells and to protect the skin from oxidative stress, acting as a powerful antioxidant that combats free radicals.

The natural presence of Q10 in our skin decreases with the passage of time. The use of products rich in Q10 helps the skin to regenerate and rejuvenate.

We present to you a complete line with bedding, sleepwear, terry towels and robes with Q10+ Care treatment.

Face – sensitive skin exposed to daily aggressions like UVA stress will benefit from an extra daily Q10 skin treatment
Hands – Your hands reveal your age. Give them an extra daily Q10 dose that helps prevent the first aging signs
Body – The Q10 extra daily dose will help increase skin firmness and elasticity

Certified by Oeko Tex Class I



Bring Ginseng power to your nights

Ginseng has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries with proven benefits.

Powerful anti-oxidant, it helps to protect against oxidative stress in tissues, enhancing blood flow in muscles.

Ginseng helps fight fatigue and enhance physical activity by lowering oxidative damage and increasing energy production in cells.

We present to you bedding and sleepwear with Ginseng treatment. Ginseng will help you refill your energy levels.

Good nights, powerful wakeups.

Certified by Oeko Tex Class I




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António de Almeida & Filhos

Phone: + 351 253 480 010

Rua Nª Sª D´Ajuda, 193
4815 – 364 Moreira de Cónegos
Guimarães, Portugal

GPS: 41º22` 47.3″N / 8º21` 04.0″W


Coelima Industrias Têxteis

Phone: + 351 253 539 100

Rua Trabalhador Têxtil 436
4835-360 Pevidém
Guimarães, Portugal

GPS: 41º25` 28.9″N / 8º21` 32.1″W


José Machado de Almeida

Phone: + 351 252 840 790

Rua Santa Maria de Negrelos, n.º 99
4795-342 Roriz
Santo Tirso, Portugal

GPS: 41º20` 59.5″N / 8º22` 02.2″W

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We have a commitment with present and future generations that bounds us to create economic value

with social and environmental responsibility.


- Sustainable System -

Our approach to the sustainable challenges consists on a loop that involves innovation, design, scientific analysis and creative solutions.

Our loop already covers:
RAW MATERIALS – Organic fibers and European Flax
PRE-CONSUMER WASTE – Pure Blend and Upcycled products
POST-CONSUMER WASTE – Recycled fiber products

An infinite loop of care for our future. Come along, JOINtheLOOP!






Separation anxiety, new environments stress, new arrivals stress… stress related situations that may affect your friend.

CBD is extracted from hemp, a non-psychoactive type of cannabis.

CBD can help reduce your friend’s stress levels, providing a calming effect. A source of wellbeing, a relaxing place to help control your friend’s anxiety.



Some friendship relations can be affected by your friends’ smell and what it can do to your home environment.

The use of a proper odour control fabric treatment contributes to eliminate this problem.

Our odour control system prevents the accumulation of bacteria and malodours because they are washed off more easily, even at low temperatures. In between washes, the system absorbs malodours and neutralizes their smell.



As much as you love your friend, an allergy problem can make it impossible to keep up with your friendship.

We present you an allergen control technology that helps you regain control of your friend’s allergy.

It works by cleaning up pet allergens in textiles by the use of probiotics, natural microorganisms that we can find in yogurt. These consume the allergens left behind by your friend, which can cause allergic reactions and asthma.

Breathe freely, no more sneezing, coughing or itchy and watery eyes when you are near your friend.



Reused fiber with endless colors options

By upcycling fiber waste we are saving natural resources



Endless LOOP life Cycle

100% Cotton recycled textiles combined with organic cotton

Products certified by


Chemical dyes free

Fibers selected and sorted by hand

Water saving*

* On average a Pure Bends sheet set saves enough water to satisfy the needs of a household for three months (45.000 liters of water)



Eco- Friendly dyeing process*

Sustainable MoreTextile exclusive process

Less Chemical

Less fresh water

Less water wastage

Less energy consumption

*Our new eco-friendly dyeing process reduces up to 86% of water consumption and reduces chemical pollution


The little ones will find it funny, will laugh, want to play … will want to sleep and take a bath without making a tantrum. Teenagers will be surprised, will question it and will want to understand how it works! Parents will love it!

We are talking about thermosensible bed and bath linen. Products that with technology injection change color with different temperatures.
They are products with a conventional dyeing that after adding thermochromic pigments change color as temperature gets high.
An innovative process that allows the production of home textiles of quality, but also fun and creative as each product when in contact with body temperature or with anyother heat surface change color.

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Outlet Factory

Phone: + 351 253 539 170

Rua do Miral nº. 878 
4810-348 S. Jorge do Selho – Pevidém
Guimarães, Portugal

GPS: 41º25` 36.48″N / 8º21` 31.269″W

About Us

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About us

Logo_MoreTextile + Claim Cinza 60%_Cent

Moretextile is composed of three portuguese companies – Coelima (1922), Almeida (1956) and JMA (1958).

Always with a step into the future, Moretextile is committed with the best social and environmental practices for a sustainable business satisfying present need without compromising future generations.
Moretextile is known as a reliable partner for customized products. We are manufacturers of a wide range of products on the main home textile categories such as bed linen and bath linen, kitchen and table linen, homewear and textiles for the hospitality industry.

Moretextile clients may take advantages of the experience with almost 100 years in home textile business, Made in Portugal, an innovative and skilled team of designers, samples data center, stock service supported by the offices in Europe, products under a wide range of certifications and a responsible way of doing business.
Besides the private label business, Moretextile does have its own brands specialized in different categories of products and positioning.

We are focused on our clients believing on the promising future of the home textile business mainly through adding value from upstream and downstream activities of the production process and re-thinking the way of doing business in a sustainable way.


To create textile products that maximize clients experience through the continued re-thinking of proposals, exceeding clients expectations, enhancing the value generation for stakeholders.


Maintain ethical conduct and integrity
Respect others
Work as a team
Be available to learn
Be resilient
Have intellectual humility
Be curious and have a critical spirit
Be socially responsible
Satisfy present needs without compromising future generations